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                                  DISTRICT NIS



Nis Municipality is in the South-East of serbia. It consists of:

1.      Aleksinac Municipality, town Aleksinac

2.      Svrljig Municipality, town Svrljig

3.      Merosina Municipality, part of Nis

4.      Razanj Municipality, part of Nis

5.      Medijana Municipality, part of Nis

6.      Palilula Municipality, part of Nis

7.      Pantelej Municipality, part of Nis

8.      Crveni Krst Municipality, part of Nis

9.      Niska Spa Municipality, part of nis

10.  Doljevac Municipality, town Doljevac

Gadzin Han Municipality, town Gadzin han.
In the middle of the town of Nis there is fortress of Nis, which is one of the most beautiful and most well preserved fortress on Balkan, and which was built at the end of XVII century. In the periphery of Nis there is a monument Cele-kula, which Turks built of skulls and heads of Serbian rebels which were killed on Chegar, where Chegar battle happened in 1809. Turks wan that bottle and this battle was of the crucial importance which caused the fall of Serbian First Rebellion.The main economy branches in this district are: Electronic industry, tobacco industry, and mechanical and textile industry.


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