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                                    DISTRICT BOR




Bor district

It is on the East of Serbia.It consists of:

  1. Bor Municipality, town Bor
  2. Kladovo Municipality, town Kladovo
  3. Majdanpek Municipality, town Majdanpek
  4. Negotin Municipality, town Negotin.

It has population of 178.718 people. The seat of this district is Bor which is well known by its historical and cultural inheritance.

Near Bor there are: Duke Alexandar’s palace from 1856, which was built by the spirit of romantism, and Duke Milos’s Palace which is settled down in Brestovac’s Spa from XIX century AD. This town is well known as the seat of the biggest copper mine in Europe, which is exploited since 1904, but it was also used during ancient period of time.Bor Municipality is characterized by: intensive economy activity based on mining, metallurgy and chemistry (mining basain in Bor, copper mine in Majdanpek, Industry of Chemical products in Prahovo), production of electric energy (hydroelectric power station Djerdap I and II), agricultural production and rich forest complexes, beautiful tourist localities and archeological discoveries.
The municipality Bor is located in the middle part of east Serbia. Although is surrounded by high mountains (Stol 1156 m, Veliki Krš 1148 m i Crni Vrh 1043 m) this town has relatively small high (378 m). Coordinates are: 44° 25' north latitude and 22° 06' east longitude, with continental clime. The average year temperature is 10, 2 °C.The municipality Bor spreads on 856 square kilometers, with 60 000 inhabitants. In this town structure there is 12 villages (Brestovac, Zlot, Slatina, Krivelj, Donja Bela Reka, Metovnica, Šarbanovac, Oštrelj, Gornjane, Bučje, Luka and Tanda).On this territory there is over 400 kilometers of roads, from which is 300 kilometers with asphalt. Bor is connected with main railway.




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